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SuninS FIR+UVC environmental healthy improvement system

Newest scientific research proves that: UVC, High-temperature & Ozone are the most effective solution to eliminate COVID-19 transmission.

Suninova cares about the cleanness of our living condition, 
the air-flow sterilization from the Matrix system has been brought into the new SuninS heater system, 
as an extensional module, providing key technical solution for environmental sterilization.

SuninS is a high-speed, high-temperature heater system.
It provides four solutions that can kill bacteria or pathogen:

1st, A high density FIR radiation: projecting direct heat energy on all surfaces in the front, bacteria/pathogen, which is sensitive to high temperate, would be dehydrated;

2nd, A 320℃ large area FIR motivating surface, any airborne bacteria/pathogen contacts, will be burnt out in milli-second;

3rd, A large air-cooled heat exchanging cavity, constantly 240℃ at working. SuninS inhaler sucks in cool air into the cavity to mix with the heat, air-flow will be slowed down, airborne bacteria/pathogen will be ventilated into the cavity, a 240℃ high temperature will do the job;

4th, The UVC module, the module is equipped in the back of SuninS, next by the inhaler. UVC module projects upwards high-density UVC to form into a "Kill zone",
Inhaler will withdraw the air nearby inside the cavity of SuninS, if when the bacteria/pathogen comes into this "Kill zone", UVC would damage its DNA to sterilize.
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